14,267 Feet


087 // January 14, 2008

14,267 Feet

PhotoFriday.com – Mountain

Wow. Well, this a huge opportunity to show off mountain pictures here — however looking through a lot of them, there is absolutely no chance of me ever picking out a “favorite”.

Instead, I was able to re-experience my life out here looking through older photos and how lucky I am to be a half hour drive from the majestic mountains. Did you know that the words to “America the Beautiful” was written while on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado? There is a strong, immense feeling people get while visiting this beautiful state, and words usually fail me when describing to my friends and family from Chicago how incredible life is out here.

Back to the picture at hand, this was taken right after summiting my second of Colorado’s fifty-four 14,000+ foot mountains, Torreys Peak. These two random guys were up there doing exactly what myself and others need — a refuel and rest, reflecting on life and taking in the beautiful scenery Colorado offers.

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4 Responses to “14,267 Feet”

  1. Just wondering when you are going to start working for a magazine–you are such an eloquent writer and a fantastic photographer!

  2. 2 Mandy

    I think this one is my favorite so far 🙂

    I look forward to my cocktail hour email every morning to start my day!!!!!

    Love you

  3. 3 Momma L

    I also look forward to a new picture every day. However, since it is called “COCKTAIL HOUR”, I don’t open it until 5 pm. LOL!! Of course I realize that you POST them at your “Cocktail Hour”, but we get them at our “Breakfast Hour” 😉

  4. You are all too funny — thanks for all the great notes! And, of course for reading 🙂

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