125 // February 21, 2008



A collaborate design book I participated in came via FedEx today! This is a limited edition, handmade book that only enough are made for the participants involved. The theme was “Alphabet” and you can see from the pictures that the packaging to the decorative elements were all related to this theme: braille paper wrapped the book, letter beads spelled out my name and the volume number.

This was my first time participating, and I’m hooked. Receiving this book and flipping through at everyone’s individual concept of the theme, I’m overwhelmingly wowed and inspired and keep picking it up. There were so many unique elements in the book, it’s really meant to be seen in person.

One of the participants has taken pictures of all the pages, about as close as you will get for now :). My page focused on the Hawaiian Alphabet, using original photographs and piecing together the unique language of Hawaii.

This is how Creatives keep the juices flowing — I’m already thinking about next quarter’s theme!


One Response to “Alphabet”

  1. You’re really are on a creative roll! You certainly have shown a great zest for creativity lately!
    I’m going to save this e-mail and look at all the “thumbnails” later when I get home.

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