California Moon


136 // March 03,2008

California Moon

Another picture gem from San Diego — moonrise above the silhouetted palm trees.


8 Responses to “California Moon”

  1. hi my name is steven and i am in a band called west swell. i really like this picture and i want use it for our EP that we are going to make. I changed it a little and i was wondering if we have permission to use it.

  2. aloha! I’m in reggae band called HaleAmanO. I don’t see why you wouldn’t let someone use your images… I live in las vegas and I would have never seen or heard of you if it weren’t for Steven and his band. I’m curious as to your reasons. Thanks.


  3. The issue is that they took my image without asking first. Pick up a few books on Copyright law, and you will know what I mean. Asking for permission after the fact is not “the right thing to do” and in fact, still illegal. I even have a copyright notice at the top of my blog, on every single page.

    If Steven, you, or anyone else would like to use any one of my images, I will gladly let you for a monetary amount that can be discussed over the phone.

  4. 4 stoney baloney

    wat a bitch..bad vibes on missy’s part. wat happened to spreading the love for the arts

    • 5 stoney baloney

      Well Missy as long as you understood the general message being conveyed then my bad spelling and punctuation has served its purpose..

      • Yeah – give stuff away for the love of it. Think Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel “for the love of the arts”? Nope, it was commissioned.

        I might have thought differently and more leniently at the original request, but frankly, my work was stolen before I could’ve made that decision myself.

  5. “stoney” – I won’t even delete your comment because it’s too funny. You cannot even spell right, let alone use proper punctuation…

  6. 8 steven

    sorry for what i did. im 14 and i dont know anything about the copyright stuff. i didnt think it would really be a problem because we are just a small reggae band in highschool just starting out.

    sorry for everything


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