Backyard Musings


142 // March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings Day! Can’t remember a time where I was more excited to lose an hour of sleep than today. This means longer days… summer is closer… warmer weather.

I took the opportunity in the very late afternoon to scour the backyard for some great pictures. Photographs are always *excellent* to shoot either in the morning or afternoon when the shadows are longer. There is much more depth and light & shadow in the objects.

Backyard Musings

This particular Budwiser box has been on our deck since a party we threw in October. Normally, this would have bugged the hell outta me enough to tell my husband, “throw the damn thing out”, but in turn I became lazy to even say that to him. I love that box now because I’ve seen it in the exact position, chair blown over on top, throughout the winter. Just wish I would’ve been taking a series of photos of it, would have proved to be quite the subject in the exact position throughout the season. At one point, the box was buried…

Backyard Musings

This image almost reminds me of late fall, but I love the shadows the pre-budded branches make against the back of the house.

Backyard Musings

The late afternoon sun creates some deep shadows in the patio table’s weaves – smooth and repetitive.


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