149 // March 16, 2008



Couldn’t resist. With our puppy a week old (but have yet to see him/her) Dave and I found ourselves wandering the aisle of the pet store in anticipation of May to come sooner than later.

Picked up “Sonic” the hedgehog — when you squeeze him, he makes a pig sound. It’s made us laugh all day long. Ok, well I probably get a kick out of it way more than the average person for no particular reason at all 🙂


3 Responses to “Soft”

  1. 1 Momma L

    you’re too funny! I wouldn’t be surprised if you start a scrapbook for Cubby! Oops! shoudln’t have said that out loud…now you have another project to do…..

  2. 2 gram

    Be sure to send pics of the puppy when it comes.

  3. Momma — Oh, how so funny you are!

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