“Wood” and “Petrified!”


170 // April 07, 2008


Part 1 — “Wood”

This once-tree still has life lines in it if you just take the time to look close. I wonder where this piece of wood embarked (no pun intended) from — was it close to home in Colorado, all the way from the East Coast or somewhere in-between?


Part 2 — “Petrified!”

After viewing the picture, “Wood”, I noticed this made a funny, scary face rotated 90′ — what do you think?


5 Responses to ““Wood” and “Petrified!””

  1. 1 bre101

    oh my gosh it does make a scary face! haha it’s cool though! i like it!

  2. 2 daniel

    Good stuff…makes me think of candy corn.

  3. 3 Momma L

    ohhhhh noooooo! What has happened to me???? I’m a piece of wood!!!!

  4. 4 Missy

    Thank you everyone for the comments! It is my favorite “faces in places” picture yet.

    @daniel — is this the face you make when you are out of candy corn? 🙂

  5. 5 Edgar

    Haha!! Nice picture!! You are a great photographer!

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