Lazy Day


178 // April 15, 2008

Lazy Day

What a beautiful day it was in Denver today! I was lucky enough to be able to work from home, have all the windows open in the house sans any distractions.

Being zoned out in work (as usual), I finally glanced up to look out of the window about mid-afternoon. What do I see but one of the neighborhood squirrels, sprawled out on the neighbor’s fence like nobody’s business! Never have I seen that creature do anything but climb up and down trees, houses and fences. No joke that the squirrel was positioned like that for a good few minutes before I whipped out the camera and caught his interest.

Wished I was him/her right at that moment 🙂


7 Responses to “Lazy Day”

  1. 1 Papa Joe

    What a great picture Missy, looks like he had a tough night or dropped something…..

  2. 2 Daniel

    that is hilarious – Caption competition??

  3. 3 Mandy

    hahaha he’s trying to camouflage!!!

  4. 4 Momma L

    OMG! that is soooo how I feel today!!

  5. Amazing shot. I’ve never seen one of our local squirrels do that. Guess they get tired also.

  6. 6 gramK

    Wow, what a pose, that is one of those “priceless” pictures. They stretch like puppy dogs.

  7. 7 Mary

    cute! squirrelly looks tired.

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