Brews of Summit County


213 // May 26, 2008

Brews of Summit County

I was a slacker yesterday – but within good reason. Beer. That’s a good reason, right?? Well, I hope you understand that I *sort of* skipped out on my posting yesterday.

Brews of Summit County

A-Basin has it’s annual beer festival with all the different brews from the county available to taste. Twenty bucks gets you a mug and all you can drink… a lot of people brought their dogs (including us!). However, if size mattered, the small horse (err, Irish Wolfhound) put all others to shame.

Brews of Summit County

Between the dogs and the late “gaper” outfits people sported, it’s nothing less you would expect from the A-Basin crowd. “That Eighties Band” played some classics while people rocked out…

Brews of Summit County

Yeah… and that’s about all there is folks. G’night.


2 Responses to “Brews of Summit County”

  1. 1 Gram

    Wow, Cubbie is growing. I like Dave’s shirt with the koalas on it. Sounded like fun. Happy Summer

  2. Great looking Irish Wolfhound in your photo, Missy!

    I have an Irish wolfhound – they are very special dogs!

    If you are interested in a great story about my hound and seeing some good photos please visit:

    If you like what you see and read , please share the link with your friends.



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