1932 Cine-Kodak Eight


218 // May 31, 2008

1932 Cine-Kodak Eight

Ok. I spent a few hours today finishing up documenting all the vintage cameras I recently acquired (I posted two yesterday)– and found two (or was it three?) more cameras hidden in the boxes. They are pretty exciting, but I need to show you this.

1932 Cine-Kodak Eight

It’s a 1932 handheld movie camera that’s in pretty great condition.

Retrothing.com claims that it is the first 8mm movie camera that went for a whoppng $34.50 back then. But, I’ve learned on the internet that the cameras are not that rare to come by nowadays. I can just imagine people walking around with these guys, they are thin, fairly light and obviously very portable.

Stay tuned for more vintage goodies…


2 Responses to “1932 Cine-Kodak Eight”

  1. 1 Wesley

    I just picked one of those 1932 Cine-Kodak Eights up for 13 bucks at an antique shop. I’m pretty there is no way to find film for it, but I would pay very well for it if I could find it. Do you know if there are any videos online that were shot with this little gem? Thank you.

  2. Wes: You can get film from it from tons of different sources! It uses standard 16mm film which you expose through, then rethread in reverse and expose the other half of the film, much like with magnetic audio tape. Prepared reels are probably sold as “Double 8” or “Standard 8” or something to that effect (to contrast it with super-eight)

    I get mine from fomafoto.no but I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re not in Norway, but B&H is one place to start.

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