Polaroids in the Art District


238 // June 22, 2008

Polaroids in the Art District

I was really excited to take The Puppy and a couple cameras downtown on Saturday — specifically one of my Polaroid cameras. We went to The Mac Outlet on Broadway (long story) and then downtown Denver to walk around the Art District and visit the Pride Festival that was happening.

Polaroids in the Art District

Can’t even count on my hand how many people stopped me and The Puppy to say, “oh, how cute!”, “what kind of dog is that?”, “can I pet him?” and so on. It was really cute…

We were stopped exactly in front of the Denver Art Museum — I was able to turn my body less than 180′ sitting down while taking this picture.

Polaroids in the Art District

By the end of the trip, The Puppy was getting pretty hot so I tried to coax him into the water while taking a picture by the fountain. Instead, a fellow photographer asked if he could take one of the two of us; of course I said yes.

I have a couple more Polaroids to show you tomorrow — instant gratification is so satisfying, isn’t it?


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