Twigs from a Garage Sale


244 // June 28, 2008

Twigs from a Garage Sale

I’m surprised at how much having a dog has opened my eyes to look around our great neighborhood.

Along with all the cute, old houses to adore this morning, I met a few people who were putting on garage sales on a couple of our blocks.

Twigs from a Garage Sale

Well at 6:30 in the morning I was incredibly early for the start time of 9am, but that doesn’t mean that a girl can’t look!

Actually, after I took Mr. Cub back home, I drove back to a house that I found the sweetest homemade shelving unit at 7:15 and handed the requested $5 bill over to the lady. She was really excited to hear of my plans of how I’d use it and was glad it was going to a good home.

Twigs from a Garage Sale

It used to hold CDs, but right away I knew it would be a perfect match for all my new vintage cameras 🙂

Twigs from a Garage Sale

I’ve been literally trying to find something to put in that small (less than one foot deep so I can still open the door) space between my closet and the window, and have re-arranged my office many times over. Nothing felt right until now.

This is the perfect find, if I do say so myself, and I know my mother-in-law would be proud!


2 Responses to “Twigs from a Garage Sale”

  1. Yes, does look good, I like the way the technology of the cameras contrast against the natural look of the bookshelves, I enjoyed blurking around your blog tonight:)

  2. 2 momma

    what a great find!! The camera collection looks great on it, and now you can gaze lovingly on them all the time, instead of being in a box somewhere……good job!!!

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