248 // July 01, 2008


Happy July. Can you believe it?

Oh, and is it still only Tuesday? (or Wednesday, depending on when you visit :D)


A shortened week is something I am very much excited for. As much as I love (yes, love) being busy, I’m ready for a long weekend.

Not only after the weekend of “the Pink Eyes” and having some work to do, not really sleeping a whole lot since getting the puppy (excellent birth control, by the way), but today…


…on my way home, I got a flat tire. Can’t remember when, if ever, I’ve had one by myself.

So, I’m at the intersection of 6th and Monaco in Denver at a stoplight. Turns green, and I start driving. Don’t know when exactly, but I started hearing a funny noise over the loud radio in my car.

Immediately turn off the radio, listen to my car, and come to the conclusion that I must have a flat tire somehow. Calling my husband frantically, asking if I should continue driving to the house (was only 6 blocks south and 6 blocks west away), then I was already at 12th by the time he answered and I explained the situation… so it was decided that I continue to drive slow and just make it to the house. It was torn in several places by the time I rolled up.

At the very least, I think I can get this resolved tomorrow — but man, I’m soooo looking forward to the four-day weekend.


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