Graduating with Honors


249 // July 2, 2008

Graduating with Honors

Cubbie, our now-almost-four-month-old-puppy, finished Puppy Kindergarten tonight.

I’ll tell ya, it wasn’t an easy ride; there were times that he just would have nothing to do with treats or commands, but just wanted to play with the other dogs. Oh, and there was that other time where he pooped in the middle of class when Dave was out of town… you know, typical puppy behavior.

That’s why when we went into the Puppy “Graduation” class tonight, we were hopeful and curious to see the turn out.

After an hour and a half of competition categories that scored each puppy with a specific number of points, Cubbie and his other two litter mates got the first three places in the class.

So of course, as a mommy, I have to brag about Cubbie being first place two out of the four events, and receiving the “Best Puppy Award”. Obviously we couldn’t be prouder 🙂

As Dave and I say, we hope this is the first title of many to come!


One Response to “Graduating with Honors”

  1. 1 momma

    YAY CUBBIE!!!!! We are so proud of you, you adorable little boy! Big hugs and kisses from Grandma Kate, Pappa Joe, and of course, Yogi!! 🙂

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