Did My Duty…


254 // July 07, 2008

Did My Duty...

Went in to serve my Jury Duty for the first time ever this morning.

Didn’t know what to expect, honestly, but I love visiting downtown Denver. I feel safe strolling along by myself and was hoping to grab a few great pictures on the walk to and from the courthouse (it was rainy and overcast instead).

It was a tad boring. To be quite honest, I sort of wanted my juror number to be called so I could be questioned and have something to do other than nothing.

Did you know one of my biggest pet-peeves is being unproductive? This about had me by the throat.

Should’ve brought something other than the latest Rolling Stone and read it cover-to-cover. I think it was right around the Greenland/Global Warming article that I fell asleep sitting up in the last row of the Juror room. Yes.

Nothing else remarkably interesting. The guy sitting next to me was slightly friendly and asked if I was from Texas (what?). They finally dismissed us at noon and can’t get me again until at least another 365 days 🙂


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