Friday Camp


259 // July 12, 2008

Friday Camp

Friday night the three of us decided to get out of the Denver heat and go camping in the mountains for some cool, fresh air.

My personal Travel Agent drove us through Georgetown and up Guanella Pass to pick out a spot on the side of the road. None of those pay-for-camping sites for us…

Friday Camp

We found and set up camp by about 5:30pm and found ourselves surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. This is a view of Mt. Bierstadt, a 14,060 ft mountain, right from our site.

Friday Camp

We built a campfire, watched The Cub run around, had some drinks and enjoyed the view. No computers, cell phones, radio.

Lovin’ life.

p.s. I have some really beautiful photos to show you tomorrow when we drove up to the summit of the pass–stay tuned.


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