Mountain Water (Rush & Calm)


262 // July 17, 2008

Mountain Water

Mountain Water (Rush)

We went for a great hike on Sunday — about 6 miles roundtrip and a 1500ft elevation gain. Started in between Keystone and the town of Montezuma and hiked into Chihuahua Gulch. Actually you can read a little more here.

Mountain Water

Mountain Water (Calm)

The views were so stunning. I wish I could post all my photos (or at least most…), but I did bring my 35mm camera with a few different lenses with hopes of great film pictures I can scan in. More on that in a few days.


2 Responses to “Mountain Water (Rush & Calm)”

  1. 1 Jeope

    I’m dying here. To have all that, just sitting out there, within reach. Amazing.

  2. 2 gram

    You might have to build an addition on your house so that Gramps and I can move in with you. That is so very very beautiful and peaceful. You are a great photographer.

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