Hello, Old Friend


264 // July 19, 2008

Hello, Old Friend

In our digital age with fancy digital cameras, it’s easy to forget about film. I brought one of my 35mm cameras with a ton of lenses up to the mountains this past weekend.

Hello, Old Friend

I took three years of photography in High School and a studio class in college, but getting re-acquainted behind a manual lens might take more than a few rolls. I found some photos came out too light or dark some were lazily-focused. I still have a little trial and error to work through.

Hello, Old Friend

BUT I had a great time hauling around the camera and a few lenses on the hike.

Being so excited to see the images I took developed on paper is a lost feeling. You know, that feeling of not knowing that instant gratification of being able to delete a picture three seconds after you took it? Having the feeling of being choosy about what to take a picture of? Being so excited to look at your developed pictures that you sit in the parking lot flipping through the photos. Remember doing that?

These were three are of six images that I really thought were the best of the four rolls of film I took in. The last three tomorrow — stay tuned 🙂


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  1. +1. Who more? 🙂

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