Denver DNC 08 (Day 3)


301 // August 27, 2008

Denver DNC 08 (Day 3)

Rode bikes downtown once more tonight — I think we must have been at the right place at the right time on Monday night, because tonight was even tamer than last night. Civic Center Park was completely closed off for tomorrow’s festivities and the 16th Street Mall had nothing but the same old peddlers and street musicians. Oh well — at least I can say I tried!

We went to Falling Rock and watched some of the speeches, but left after Kerry spoke.

I want to give a special thanks to my in-laws for graciously letting us borrow their bikes when they are not in Colorado — it’s allowed us to not only seek out this adventure, but others as well 😀

Denver DNC 08 (Day 3)

Since there was little activity, I’ll leave you with my favorite picture from last night, Day 2, in Civic Center Park.

Tomorrow I’ll take you to Johnson & Wales University, saw lots of huge army vehicles up there that looked interesting.


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