Denver DNC 08 (Day 4)


302 // August 28, 2008

Denver DNC 08 (Day 4)

Yesterday I said that I’d be taking you up the street to Johnson & Wales — I did you one better. I’m taking you downtown for the last day of the DNC. LIterally, I just couldn’t stay away, it’s addicting.

I ended up venturing alone down to the spots that we’ve frequented earlier this week, but it’s when I came around 15th that I saw went where the crowds were going and followed.

Denver DNC 08 (Day 4)

I ran into the MSNBC tower where they were broadcasting, and even got a couple pictures of Bill Richardson, though a tad blurry.

Soon I found myself going over the bridge onto Speer, then onto Water Street… and then I could see Invesco. I said “hey, what the hell” and keep going. Thinking I wouldn’t be able to get very close to the stadium, I wanted to push and see where I could get.

Denver DNC 08 (Day 4)

I saw lots of interesting (angry) signs that I don’t care to share here along the ride. There were many bikers and mostly people walking to get their place in line for Obama’s speech tonight. I really have a lot of cool pictures to show you, maybe you’ll see them in the next couple of days.

When I arrived at 20th and Federal, this is 1) how far away I still was from Invesco and 2) what the line looked like. The line extended still to the far left and far right of me.

Given the circumstances, I would’ve gladly stood in line for the entire day if I was able to experience that speech he gave tonight in person.

Yes We Can.


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  1. 1 elleferrer

    Wow that’s so amazing. You are so lucky to be a part of that! I watched it on CNN, CSPAN1 and MSNBC… lol but it was quite an emotional, exciting time for me and many, many others all over the world who watched this historical moment. Definitely a GREAT new beginning for America!

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