Denver to Chicago


318 // September 14, 2008

Denver to Chicago

If you didn’t guess or I didn’t mention, I’ve been in Chicago for the past week visiting my new niece, seeing lots of old friends, hanging out on a boat, went to a wedding at a beautiful villa and spent every other moment with our families.

It’s a bit exhausting, but worth every minute even when you spend 15+ hours in a car driving 1000 miles across the tumbleweeds of eastern Colorado, flat land, farms in Nebraska and hills in Iowa…

Denver to Chicago

All we needed is a sleeping dog (Mr. Cub slept 95% of the actual drive) and some good tunes. We left at 10:30pm on Friday night and arrived in the Chicago suburbs around 3pm on Saturday. Certainly the way to do it, especially when I have the greatest husband ever to do the night driving 🙂

I have two more Polaroids for you tomorrow that I took on our drive back today; I’m excited to show you so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Denver to Chicago”

  1. 1 zoka

    very nice photos.

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