Hello and Some Italian


325 // September 21, 2008


So I feel as though since I’ve gotten back from Chicago, you’ve only had one or two images that I’ve actually taken the day of my blog post.  After a week+ away on vacation, I’ve had a lot to catch up on both at work and at the house. This weekend was very productive — cleaned the house from top to bottom, went shopping (necessary items of course), we cleaned the garage and even took a break Thursday night at the driving range. I know there are other items that I did, too… some work here and there…


Tonight we had some family over and I cooked one of my favorite foods: cheese and noodles. Well, known as stuffed shells  by most. Usually most of the shells come out broken after boiling (is this user error or do other people experience this?), but today most of the two boxes were kept in-tact so there was a ton to work with. The result was two very full trays, one with sauce and the other without any sauce.


Only one of the dinner attendees was interested in meat, so I added some pepperoni to the top. Otherwise, these are stuffed with a mixture of ricotta cheese, mozzerella cheese and Italian herbs. Topped with more moz cheese and sauce… there wasn’t much to salvage after dinner was over. I’ll take that with a compliment and see ya tomorrow 😀


One Response to “Hello and Some Italian”

  1. 1 gram

    wish I would have been there, that is my favorite food.

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