Summer Over?


328 // September 24, 2008

Summer Over?

Not here. Even though the official first day of Fall was on Monday, it certainly doesn’t feel like it here in Denver. While still in the mid-80s the rest of the week, the leaves are starting to change colors!

Can’t believe summer is over already, seemed like it just began. Did you have a good summer? What was your favorite part?


One Response to “Summer Over?”

  1. I like this photo for just what it is.

    I’m leaving a comment because I write(I think it’s writing) poetry and thought your photo would make a nice background for a poem. My fall poem, titled “Iowa”, one I just wrote “In the Cracks” and one with your title “Summer Gone?” I put in a Microsoft Publisher greeting card design with your photo(no I don’t do it for a living) for an example. (Now if I could figure out how to show it to you?) I suppose I found your email for Bergen Studio I will just send it to you that way.

    If you know how to set a photo as background so a person can put text on top of it and then save the whole works as an image please twitter me and educate me please, I’m sure once I am educated on it I’ll feel even dumber but appreciative.


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