Two Little Birds


334 // October 01, 2008

Two Little Birds

This was a very cute scene while at a stoplight on 17th and Colorado Blvd. I really love the photo’s intention, but after uploading it to the computer I feel as thought there are too many textures and fine details to bring out the birdies.

If you’re a photographer (amateur or professional) how do you think this photograph could be improved? Suggestions open and welcome!


3 Responses to “Two Little Birds”

  1. 1 Sarz

    Those two little birds are sparrows . . . quite common where I live.
    The lower one seems to be a male and the upper one a female.
    If you want to focus on the birds. . . . one thing you can do is crop the bird and try to lighten it up a bit. I know it does take away the background . . a close might be perfect !

  2. Improve it as is? Perhaps a tighter crop, especially from the strongly-textured pebbles (lesser so from the green up top).

    But there’s always the trick of darkening the edges of the frame to increase focus on a center object. You duplicate the layer, put it in ‘multiply’ mode, and from this point there’s all manner of ways to erase away the multiply layer to highlight what you like. It takes some playing.

  1. 1 Thanks « Cocktail Hour // a daily photo journal

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