Kenosha Pass, Signs


336 // October 04, 2008

Kenosha Pass, Signs

I have the best husband in the world. Think of him as the backbone of Cocktail Hour. If he wasn’t the driver, if he didn’t ever plan any day trips, if he didn’t ever drive us a little out of the way just because he thinks that I could get a great photograph, I wouldn’t be here as often as I am.

Also, I can’t forget his patience for stopping and waiting whenever I need to get just the right shot, change a lens or put some new film in. Thank you over and over again.

Kenosha Pass, Signs

Today we drove up highway 285 to the summit of Kenosha Pass. Crowded? Yeah. Beautiful? Gorgeous. I shot 4 rolls of film in about 3 hours, on top of pictures on my digital camera.

All these pictures are film photographs.

Kenosha Pass, Signs

Out of the 4 rolls of film, I narrowed down 10 pictures that I really, really wanted to show you but I’ll break it up into three days.

Have you noticed the theme of today? Signs and I suppose plaques. The photo above was part of an engraved poem on a bench that we had lunch on.

I’ll see you tomorrow for some amazing close-up photographs.


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