Brown Movement


351 // October 24, 2008

Brown Movement

Sometimes I am so pleasantly surprised when “accident” pictures come out in a neat, artistic way.


4 Responses to “Brown Movement”

  1. 1 Mom B

    Not so sure I like the title of this one…….:-) if you know what I mean

  2. Ah! You’re so right… Hmmm, what would you call it?

  3. That one is really beautiful. I sometimes deliberately do blurry photos with my Nikon FM2 and an adapter ring, which disables the focus. I wonder how you do that with a digital camera.

  4. Thank you Beth. To achieve this with a digital camera, simply hold down the shutter button, move the camera really quickly in a swooping motion in a lighted room (so you don’t need a flash). Say “ooops” and you’re done!

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