You Didn’t Think…


374 // November 23, 2008

…I’d abandoned you, right? No, how could all three of my readers think such a thing 🙂

You Didn't Think...

Actually I’ve been really busy with late nights, work and play. Wednesday I was able to trot downtown to a trade show my company was taking part in. I was able to see in-person all the print material and most importantly, the huge banner that the booth is made of. That I made. Later that night we all had some drinks downtown…. then it got way past Cocktail Hour…. so I said, “tomorrow, I’ll post”.

You Didn't Think...

Thursday night. I was so excited to finally see my first Warren Miller film. For those who don’t know, Warren Miller is a director who has been filming ski movies (once a year) for over 50 years. Didn’t see what the big deal is until I actually sat down and experienced it. Amazing. Never will I ever miss another one of his films from here on out — that’s a promise.

Before the movie, we had drinks. During the movie, we had drinks. Yeah, The Paramount serves as does most historic theaters in Denver do. Exciting, right? Well after so many beers and trips to the bathroom, I tripped over my own foot and landed a sprained ankle pretty bad. We got home, put on some ice and passed out…

You Didn't Think...

Sounds like a great end to my week, right? Well, it wasn’t too bad and I didn’t feel sorry for myself. Laughed, actually. Anyway, we had a trip to the mountains planned with friends and I WAS going to finally break into my brand-spankin’-new-skis, but put my foot up at the condo instead. I watched our furball and my niece while everyone else hit the slopes during the day. Actually, got some needed relaxing and quiet time in 40-50 degree weather.

I’m looking forward to this week. My family is coming in for the first time for a Thanksgiving, so I’m excited to break into some of the nice dishes and cooking our Whole Foods organic turkey. What about you?


3 Responses to “You Didn’t Think…”

  1. 1 Mom B

    I was wondering what happened!
    Hope the ankle is better–looks like Keystone was beautiful!

  2. 2 Momma

    your family is also looking forward to eating your whole foods organic turkey!! Cubbie makes a cute “weather-dog”!!

  3. 3 grams

    Hope the ankle is better. We will be thinking of all of you at Thanksgiving. Love to all, enjoy!!! We missed the pics, too but figured you were busy photographing your niece.

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