Cirrus and Wispy


404 // December 29, 2008

Cirrus and Wispy

I took a long walk today with some camera equipment and my camera bag – actually a couple walks. But this one took about an hour at a quick pace.

Cirrus and Wispy

Funny that as beautiful as the weather was in Keystone (upper 40s), I kept looking up to the skies instead of perhaps using a macro to capture some of the nature I walked by.

Cirrus and Wispy

The sky was so blue, the clouds so white. These are Cirrus clouds, and if you don’t know (I just learned), they form at about 20,000 feet, move from west to east, and mean great weather.

Using some imagination, each of these photos remind me of something – do you see anything??


5 Responses to “Cirrus and Wispy”

  1. 1 momma

    Just amazing. I see a horse in the last one.

  2. 2 momma

    actually,. it looks like a unicorn. The middle one looks like seagulls.

  3. 3 Auntie Jani

    The last pic reminds me of Zeus, with his long white hair flowing behind him, looking out over Mt. Olympus. Fun pictures to look at!

  4. 4 gram

    the first one looks like an eagle flying. Those pictures are really beautiful and make you want to float away with the clouds.

  5. Thanks everyone! Very creative responses.

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