Big Blues and Smiles


421 // January 18, 2008

Big Blues and Smiles

Photographed my niece today in my backyard. It was sunny and in the 60s, a perfect setting in the late afternoon for a quick photo shoot…

Big Blues and Smiles

…Momma Mandy was there to help me make her smile…

Big Blues and Smiles

…and we let her have serious moments, too. Riley is becoming really comfortable in front of the camera!


3 Responses to “Big Blues and Smiles”

  1. Wow, Missy, those are some great pics! What a gorgeous little girl:)

  2. 2 Momma

    AHHH!!! I can’t stand it! She is so beautiful and I miss her sooo much. Thank God we have you, Missy, to make us feel that we’re not missing out on too much by “seeing” her all the time!

  3. 3 gram

    OMG what a beautiful baby. Her mom and dad must be so proud because I am and I’m only the great grandma. Thank you so much Missy for all the pictures you send. We miss all of you so much.

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