Her View


422 // January 19, 2009

Her View

Another portrait from yesterday. I had to share this one for a couple reasons. Babies see a lot – they are learning about the world around them, looking at colors and shapes. It was amazing to view this picture and see something more…

Her View

…she sees me.


3 Responses to “Her View”

  1. 1 Momma

    how awesome is this?? Amazing that you can blow up the picture enough to see that image. Does she recognize you without the camera in front of your face?

  2. Haha – No, I don’t think she recognizes me without a camera in front of my face 🙂 The eye pic is actually not blown up – it’s only at 100% zoom (so it’s the true size). Crazy!

  3. 3 gram

    wow, that first picture is really something, you can just see her little brain churning to take everything in.

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