441 // February 13, 2009


Taken in December around Silverthorne.

I’m still trying to decide on the quality of the photo – I like the composition, but am afraid there are too many extreme lights and darks. Any input?


3 Responses to “Fisher”

  1. 1 gramps

    The composition is nice,however the sun angle caused you to lose the detail in the fisherman. That’s not all bad, your primary focus is the stream and far bank. The fisherman is there adding depth and scale to an outdoor scene.
    Try to hold your hand over the left side of the picture, blocking out the fisherman, and evaluate the scene, then move your hand away and your perspective and interest in the scene is improved.
    This is an instance were you could use a reflector to bring light onto the fore ground if your prime point of interest was the fisherman.
    One trick to make this more interesting is to enlarge the scene 11×14 or bigger and you create a near real world feeling.
    I like it keep them coming.Love, GPa

  2. I don’t mind the fisherman being silhouetted, but perhaps some toying with curves adjustments can lighten the tone of the water and snowbanks — while keeping the fisherman black — and make him even more of a focal point.

  3. 3 technical76

    I think the contrast between the extreme lights and darks is what this photo is all about… the fisherman is just part of the backdrop. Perfect the way it is.

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