City Park Path


450 // February 24, 2009



Can’t decide between color or black and white – I think each printed very large and framed appropriately would look exceptional. Your opinion?

Taken in City Park, Denver.


3 Responses to “City Park Path”

  1. I can’t decide either. I think sepia or a slight red tint to the B&W would look nice too. Or maybe a little saturation taken out of the color. This is the kind of photo I like to experiment with. I once had to experiment with filters, enlarger exposure, and papers — which could get expensive. 🙂 It is nice to be able to do that stuff digitally on a computer.

    Whatever way you print it, it is a beautiful photo.

  2. 2 momma

    both look good. I think the black and white print looks lonely, while the color print looks warm and inviting. Since I don’t like lonely, I’ll take the color print! I like how the trees look like they are forming an arch over the path!

  3. Yeah, put ’em side by side.

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