Stomp Out Breast Cancer


547 // March 7, 2009

Stomp Out Breast Cancer

The annual snowshoe fundraiser event – Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer – took place in Frisco, Colorado this morning. Our “Team Lima Bean” set out early in search of the pancakes that were offered to all participants. The bus took us from Summit High School right by Breckenridge to the Frisco Nordic Center, where the events took place.

Stomp Out Breast Cancer

There was a cap of 2,000 participants that could register – we were told later that about 2,200 showed up and they extended that cap. We did the 5k walk, while others did the actual 3k race. The trail looks and was crowded, but the energy of every single person was exhilarating.

Stomp Out Breast Cancer

We walked elbow-to-elbow and snowshoe-to-snowshoe with supporters and survivors of all kinds. All fighting for the same cause, together. Have goosebumps yet?

Stomp Out Breast Cancer

It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun – this is my very strong and amazing mother-in-law. She is entering her 6th and final chemo treatment this Wednesday, and she is as beautiful as ever! Go Team Lima Bean – can’t wait until Tubbs Romp to Stomp 2010.


6 Responses to “Stomp Out Breast Cancer”

  1. 1 targo1

    I love the pink cowboy hats! My mom is a survivor going on 11 years now!

  2. 2 Mandy

    Missy… moved me to tears! I am so proud of you guys and so proud of Mom B 🙂

    We love her and are amazed at the strength it takes for her and women like her to fight the fight! Its a rough battle to win, but a battle won by many because of people like the participants of this past weekend. She is a hero! Mom B, We heart you!

    The Babbs (Mandy, Grant, and Riley Roo)

  3. 3 Jeope

    Gawd. So many snowshoes. There must have been tons of toes being stepped on.

  4. 4 Missy

    @Joepe – Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Some people went at a slower pace than others, but you simply pass them up. My klutzy self DID trip over my own snowshoes a few times. Guess I don’t pick up my feet enough – same as real life, hehe.

    @targo1 – Thanks, and congratulations to your mom, that’s just one more person that gives the rest hope 🙂

    @Mandy – Thanks for your kind words, Mandy – Mom B will certainly appreciate it.

  5. 5 Mom B

    Thank you Mandy, Grant, and Riley. I too was moved to tears. It was a wonderful experience!

  6. Thanks for coming out to the Romp to Stomp event in Frisco! You’ve got some great images. I hope you had a great time and I hope we’ll see you next year!
    –Wendy Miller, Tubbs Romp to Stomp Director

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