Cubbie Turns One


459 // March 09, 2009

Cubbie Turns One

I can’t believe how much our puppy has grown. Yes, for those that don’t already know, Cubbie (our Portuguese Water Dog) has turned one years old today. It’s funny to look back and think about all the planning we did in order to prepare for a dog.

Watching him grow up, teaching him how to behave and finally being able to take him on bigger adventures has been so amazing.

I’ve posted a bit about Cubbie since we got him, please take the time to revisit our great memories so far 🙂

This summer, the three of us look forward to lots of camping, hiking and summiting at least five 14ers!

3 Responses to “Cubbie Turns One”

  1. What a cute dog, and what an excellent photo. We spent a long time planning for our dog as well. She’s three now.

  2. 2 momma

    Happy Birthday Cubbie!! We miss you!

  3. 3 targo1

    Oh my, he is so cute. Here’s to summer and lots of adventures!

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