Panoramic of Mt. Morrison Summit


475 // March 28, 2009

Panoramic of Mt. Morrison Summit

I’ve stitched together a bunch of photos that I took on the top of Mt. Morrison. It turned out really cool, but I can’t figure out how to make it into a video for you to view as a VR Panoramic. The next best thing I can do is present you with the original size!

Click here to view enlarged Panoramic of Mt. Morrison Summit.


3 Responses to “Panoramic of Mt. Morrison Summit”

  1. Cool. Full 360. So did you carry a tripod up there? Also, what software did you use to stitch the photos?

  2. You bet – this was all hand-held, and I used Photoshop’s automated stitch to put it together. Actually the first time I used it – turned out great.

    Now I just have to find some software to do the uber-cool video 360 that users can drag…

  3. 3 gram


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