On The Bench


476 // March 31, 2009

On The Bench

Dave asked me this morning, last night or maybe yesterday morning if I gave up on Cocktail Hour. Ouch. I’m so sorry – I have been so frustrated with the email subscription service that I stepped away every other day while it caught up. I’m trying to find out what other people use for blog email subscription services as well as come up different ideas of how you can read this blog easily. Of course there is always an RSS reader – but I understand the simplicity of having an email waiting from yours truly in your inbox every morning. Well, goal of the week….

This is City Park – Denver skyline beyond it and the mountains even further back. Enjoy and I WILL see you tomorrow.


3 Responses to “On The Bench”

  1. 1 momma

    Beautifully serene.

  2. 2 Ryan

    Funny – I took a very similar photo about a month ago at sunset:

    Looks like the grass is still dead there.

  3. 3 gram

    We do miss you when you don’t send the pictures. they are absolutely beautiful, each and every one. One would think you work for National Geographic.

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