Portie Party


528 // May 31, 2009

Portie Party

We met up with some other Portuguese Water Dog owners who are in the north Denver/Boulder area tonight. It was held at the Boulder Reservoir, organized by Cubbie’s sister’s mom.

It was fun to see them romp around – here are a few pictures from the event.

Portie Party

Cubbie and sister Soli tugging on a long branch.

Portie Party

The most ridiculously long and heavy piece of wood in the water.

Portie Party

Bringing a stick back to land – Boulder Flatirons in the distance.


5 Responses to “Portie Party”

  1. Were those pictures taken on film, or did you use digital effects?

  2. 2 Missy

    Converted to B&W in Photoshop – it was really drab out so the colors were pretty muted and not-so-pretty.

  3. 3 Mary

    What fun! It would have been curious to stumble across this scene.

  4. beautiful pictures and beautiful porties!!

  5. 5 rebecca

    Hey – stumbed upon your site – would you share/sell a copy of the gorgeous panaramic photo you have at the top? It’s so great – and I’m saving for my PWD and occassionaly google images to get happy. 🙂

    Thx, rebeccaarmon@comcast.net

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