Mt. Quandary


556 // July 05, 2009

Mt. Quandary

Mt. Quandary stands at 14, 265 as the unquestioned monarch of Summit County. It can be seen quite clearly from CO9 in between Hoosier Pass and Breckenridge, in addition from the top of Dercum Mountain in Keystone while skiing.

Mt. Quandary

In the typical early-to-mid summre Colorado weather that can’t make up it’s mind, we experienced hail and burning sunny skies within 15 minutes of each other…. quite frequently. Mt. Quandary is the tip of the mountain you see before you.

Mt. Quandary

Babysitting Cubbie’s littermate, Sage, all weekend, we took a picture just below the summit with all four of us. It is Mr. Cub’s second 14er and certainly not his last.

Mt. Quandary

With the inclimate weather heading towards us at a fast pace, my body declined to sprint up the last hundred feet or so, while Dave and Cub tagged the top and came down. It hailed in the meantime, and of course, was sunny skies thereafter. Coming within so close of the summit, I’ll still declare this as an UN-official 14er summit– quite alright for me!


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