Beauty in the Little Things…


559 // July 08, 2009

Beauty in the Little Things...

This was actually a mistake photo – I meant to capture the silhouette with him looking directly at me – but he turned his head at the last minute. I was disappointed and wrote off the photo as a “meh…”.

However, I decided to re-evaluate and revisit — and what I REALLY love about this photo is not only the position of the person, but the sunbursts and the colors within. How about that one all the way on the right? Red> orange > white > blue > purple (and the various other colors in the other circles).  I could not have replicated that if I spent all day trying.

It’s the beauty in the little things….


3 Responses to “Beauty in the Little Things…”

  1. 1 Jess

    I really like this one!! its very awesome and im jealous that davey got to be in it! haha jk 😉 good work miss!!

  2. 3 gram

    I like it a lot Missy, very artistic.

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