Just “Bee” Yourself


558 // July 18, 2009


If you have ever crossed the path of a bug and yours truly at the same time, you’d know that I hate ’em. I jump, scream – act like an unnecessary spaz. I can’t help it! The critters freak me out.


Except when they are docile and not moving. This little guy was sitting at the windowsill of our house and I knew it was near death. I grabbed my macro lens and shot a photograph before throwing it to the side of the house – at arms length – with a piece of paper.

Honestly, this be looks like a cartoon character to me and is slightly comical!


One Response to “Just “Bee” Yourself”

  1. 1 gram

    that’s how I like to look at them in a picture. You take after your gram. Good work, I’ve never seen one that close up.

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