People – Holga Revisited


576 // August 17, 2009

People - Holga Revisited

I’ve shown you photos that I’ve taken with my Holga, but have I ever shown you what it looks like? It’s a little toy camera made out of plastic, and the kicker/fun part of it is that there are certain to be light leaks, exposing the negative film inside and creating unique, vintage effects.

People - Holga Revisited

Because I disappeared for a few days without notice (into the virtual world of HTML source code – so much work to do lately), I’m hoping to win your hearts back with a few more of these fun photos. This is my hubby trying to take an artistic photo with my Nikon – see the faint outline of the beer on the ledge to the right? Him and his buddies brewed that. Anyway, I forgot to bring up memory cards and there were no digital memories to take back. Ooops.

People - Holga Revisited

Your’s truly. Dave likes to take the camera away from me every now and then.

See you tomorrow, promise.


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