Beautiful Web


577 // August 18, 2009

Beautiful Web

Maybe you do or don’t know – I hate spiders and flying thingies in unnatural places (house, office, car…). However, being quite the outdoor-sy girl, I can say that holding my own in Mother Nature is different. I can handle it because I’m prepared and that is where these creatures should be.

That’s why when I come across a spider web as beautiful as this one where it belongs – outside – I find it absolutley beautiful. Wouldn’t you agree?

3 Responses to “Beautiful Web”

  1. 1 Gram

    It is so beautiful, I love to look at the webs, they are so intricate but I don’t like the weavers of them.

  2. I like webs too, but I haven’t yet found one that was easy to photograph.

  3. Thanks, this one stuck out a lot (actually pointed out to me by my sister to photograph).

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