Doodle Swap #3


561 // September 07, 2009

Personal theme was “I love Colorado”…

My final submissions for the Doodle Swap Project were created using colored pencil on recycled brown paper bags cut up into the small pieces.

Doodle Swap on Flickr

Doodle Swap #3
“Hike – Vertical”

Doodle Swap #3
“Hike – Horizontal”

Doodle Swap #3
“Mountain Canoe”

Doodle Swap #3
“Mountain Lake”

Doodle Swap #3

Doodle Swap #3

Doodle Swap #3

Doodle Swap #3

5 Responses to “Doodle Swap #3”

  1. Those are pretty good “doodles.” Mine would be considerably less artistic.

  2. Thanks Beth – remember, these are considerably small (2.5×3.5), so some quick outlines here and there — literally — and about 15 minutes of adding colored pencil. Overall, was very fun to do and to (easily) think of reasons why I love Colorado summers.

  3. these are gorgeous!! they remind me a lot of “starry night” with the way the colors flow into each other 🙂

  4. Beautiful! I love this style of artwork.

    It’s hard to imagine them so small. It would be fun to see them in a photo with some other items to give a sense of their size.

  5. Thank you Mary! What is funny that Jenn (the poster above you) actually saw these in person and was surprised they were so tiny. I’ll take your suggestion with the next round of Doodles I participate in.

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