Game Loot!


571 // September 22, 2009


I’m not sure if this post will be emailed the correct night – it is already after midnight and my sisters just left the house after a long night of playing games. You see, on Sunday when they were over we wanted to play a game, I looked through our “game closet” and found that we really don’t have any group games that are entirely fun. So next thing I know, I put an ad on Craig’s List – that  am willing to purchase some slightly used (classic) games for about $5-$10, and listed them. I didn’t want to spend $20 on average for a brand new game from Target. I’m a bargain shopper!


So, one guy emailed me back and presented me with the games I wanted – with multiple versions to choose from nonetheless. We emailed back and forth – I ended up hitting (what I think!) is a jackpot. I was able to get every game except for one, all for $25 total. Full games, no missing pieces and in barely-used condition. I’m really so super-impressed with the transaction and games I picked up.


Just for this great deal, I feel that I have to give him props. Bill Blaklee at has the best prices for any board games you are looking for. If it is gauranteed to have complete pieces and in great condition, why not? Happy gaming!


5 Responses to “Game Loot!”

  1. 1 Mom B

    just curious–which board game do you still need?

  2. I was interested in Apples to Apples, but you have it up at the condo anyway so it is no big deal that we don’t have it at our house as well.

  3. omg – thats amazing!! rob loves board games, too. we just gave a whole bunch to goodwill. we probably could have put them up on craigslist, though! you got a GREAT deal!

  4. Ha – wish we had them the other weekend when you were out here, though!

  5. 5 Mom B

    we’ll have to play it then when we come out!

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