Cine-Kodak Magazine 16


615 // November 18, 2009

Cine-Kodak Magazine 16

The most recent addition to my collection of vintage cameras is owed to a long-time partner/colleague of the company I work for. Lori Feldman has come to know me on more personal level via Twitter — at least enough to know that I am an avid collector of these antique items.

This is a Cine Kodak Magazine 16, manufactured between 1945-1950. I’m having trouble finding much more info than that… but I’m on a mission. I like to find out the history behind each piece.

So, again, I am sending my thanks out to her for not only another cool camera to add among my others, but for the thoughtfulness to send me such a gift!


2 Responses to “Cine-Kodak Magazine 16”

  1. Missy, I hope you have many hours of enjoyment taking pictures with your new camera – ha ha!!! I agree, Twitter is so awesome for making new friends. I hope you are a fan of Mad Men, which regularly features vintage still and movie cameras from the 50s and 60s in many scenes (where do they get these props???)–especially the loud POP and neutron-bomb flash so typical of the times. I’ll watch your blog for more pics from your collection. I have a great appreciation for old things, but I defer to passionate collectors when my “stuff” can find a more loving home.

  2. Yes, all can be

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