Historic American Western Art Finale


631 // December 09, 2009

Historic Western Art Finale

Today is the last continuation of my posts on the Denver Art Museum’s Western Art. I just want to share some final favorites.

This photograph was part of the Historic Western American Art section of DAM. Right now, we are looking at stereo photographs (double prints you see on the table) with a stereoscope viewer (far left). Combined, these two create a 3D effect when looking through the viewfinder, and it is taken with one camera. I’ve had a slight obsession lately with this camera (a David White Stereo Realist), and it was not only surprising, but fitting that I actually saw some historic photos taken with this type of camera.

Another painter that I really, really, couldn’t take my eyes off was Albert Bierstadt. DAM had a few paintings of his, one being “Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park”. Took up the entire wall, and his blues were bluer than blue.

I really recommend taking a trip over to the art museum if and when you get the chance. Every first Saturday is free, but a little more crowded; but otherwise, spend the few bucks to not only see this section, but the entire place. Wear gym shoes and expect to spend at least 4 hours for a good time…

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  1. 1 David White
  2. 2 David White Stereo Realist Camera

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