Flat Stanley


642 // December 30, 2009

Flat Stanley

How many of you have made or have had a Flat Stanley visit before?

This is actually our second, and we always have fun taking them up and down and around the Denver and the Rocky Mountain area.

Because of all the snow and weather this season, he is wearing a “snowsuit” (aka ziplock bag).

Flat Stanley

He came to visit just before Christmas, just in time for all the snow in Denver… the snow came up to his head.

Stanley said he wanted to go skiing tomorrow… we’ll see which resort gets the most snow!


4 Responses to “Flat Stanley”

  1. 1 gram

    we had a Flat Stanley and he was a lot of fun. He even went golfing and drove the golf cart.

  2. We just had a Flat Stanley-ette visit. She visited the Capitol Building and had her picture taken at the mile high marker. I think she enjoyed her time here, although she found the altitude a bit of an adjustment.

  3. 3 Victoria Bergen Dolikian

    Been a long time since I have seen Flat Stanley but it was quite enjoyable watching him play in the snow. As always, the pictures are great.

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