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595 // October 21, 2009 Outside the Estes Park Brewery in where else, but Estes Park! Advertisements



433 // February 02, 2009 Another shot at Johnson & Wales.

333 // September 30, 2008 Downtown Denver at the 16th Street Mall. An outstanding campaign by Denver Water: Use Only What You Need. I see these ad campaigns on buses and on yard signs. They’ve been running it for a long time and if you’ve been a long-time reader, one of my first posts was […]

319 // September 15, 2008 Yesterday I shared two Polaroids from the trip out to Chicago; these are from the way back. I have always loved the Colorado Welcome sign — so vintage, so welcoming, so unique. Don’t you think? Statue  at the Colorado Visitor’s Center. So far I’ve been to the Julesburg and the […]

280 // August 04, 2008 Coca-Cola has made cans in the language of represented countries because of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Are you excited? Impartial? If you watch any events, which summer ones do you like? I know some of my readers here will laugh if I say Shot Put is my favorite event to […]

Pay Attention


269 // July 23, 2008 You might land upside down… or right side up?

239 // June 23, 2008 Also taken in Denver’s Art District from Saturday. Does this building look familiar? It should — I posted it back in January, but with my digital camera. (I also took a couple pictures with my Alpa Reflex, but haven’t finished the roll yet… excited to see the results sometime this […]

236 // June 20,2008 Happy First Day of Summer (officially). Took Mr. Cub for a walk after work today, an activity that is a twice-a-day event. Silly puppy gets tired on walks, but when he gets home it’s all play, play, play. Another daily event is the silly Ice Cream Truck that moves waay to […]

221 // June 03, 2008 To be fair I’ve posted this box before, but without the camera. So here it is — a cheap-o collectible camera from the 1950s. It takes slide film, so don’t think I’ll really have a chance to try this baby out 🙂 Love the packaging, though, and the camera looks […]

216 // May 29, 2008 I’m so excited. Really, really excited. So excited that I spent all night playing with them. I scored a bunch of vintage cameras off of Freecycle — but got way more than I anticipated from this sweet old man, just looking for another amateur photographer that would truly appreciate the […]

Central City


192 // May 03, 2008 I told you yesterday we were in Central City, so here are some pictures. Walked around the street a little bit while the boys were finishing up poker and blackjack… I love the old buildings and the faded paintings — so much history here.

Your Choice


179 // April 16, 2008 Ah, too funny of a picture to pass up — even when driving on the highway. Seriously, how cool is your boss to have a sense of humor like that? Camera was all the way in the trunk and I deemed a pretty dangerous situation if I were to get […]



177 // April 14, 2008 At the beach in San Diego, California.

162 // March 30, 2008 Anyone recognize this building? It’s the side of REI’s flagship building in downtown Denver. The building used to be the powerhouse for the Denver Tramway Power Co. back in the day, then was transformed into the Forney Transportation Museum until 1998 when REI started a two-year renovation on the building […]