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496 // April 21, 2009 Concrete statue by Zhang Huan. Millenium Bridge, downtown Denver. Best info I can find on this work of art is on page two of this PDF document. Advertisements

Art Building


432 // February 02, 2009 The art building at Johnson & Wales University.

395 // December 18, 2008 Tonight we finally set up our Simpson’s Christmas Village, which we try to do every year if we are in Denver. If you don’t already know, we love The Simpsons. Can quote any episode, have all the DVDs and hardly ever miss any of the reruns at 6, 6:30 and […]

To Colorado


380 // December 02, 2008 Alright, any of the Denver natives want to fill me in on the weather? it got close to 70 degrees. Well, it was beautiful and I enjoyed yet another psuedo-fall day here. This is another painting from Denver’s Northfield Stapleton area.

See America


378 // November 30, 2008 Northfield Stapleton shopping district in Denver.

374 // November 23, 2008 …I’d abandoned you, right? No, how could all three of my readers think such a thing 🙂 Actually I’ve been really busy with late nights, work and play. Wednesday I was able to trot downtown to a trade show my company was taking part in. I was able to see […]

360 // November 03, 2008 Finished my HOWiezine pages tonight – I showed you the beginnings yesterday. Above is the front and the back, and I brought out the tiny pictures that accompany the page. Who doesn’t love tiny pictures? I’m pretty excited to see everyone’s submissions once the books are mailed out, I’ll try […]

359 // November 02, 2008 Can’t believe it’s November already. Who else enjoyed that extra hour of sleep this morning? I sure did. Caught up on sleep and did some light work before noon… then launched into a three-hour house cleaning event. Yeah, one of those. Tonight I focused on some creative outside work that […]

350 // October 23, 2008 Remember this post? Well, the other board needs some finishing now this weekend. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you could tell what the theme of the bags board will be just by this snippet… I’ll be able to post the fully finished piece this weekend and hopefully […]

319 // September 15, 2008 Yesterday I shared two Polaroids from the trip out to Chicago; these are from the way back. I have always loved the Colorado Welcome sign — so vintage, so welcoming, so unique. Don’t you think? Statue  at the Colorado Visitor’s Center. So far I’ve been to the Julesburg and the […]

317 // September 13, 2008 I mentioned yesterday that I was at a wedding in Milwaukee — this was the back where the ceremony was held at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. Overlooking Lake Michigan, the view was stunning. Part of the villa’s “Italian-Renaissance” style courtyard.

Finished Canvas


296 // August 21, 2008 All finished and very pleased with how it came out. It was my intention to make it less dimensional (a little flatter) because hey, this board will get abused by the bags anyway, right? 🙂 Original sketch. View the entire series here.

295 // August 20, 2008 Continued from yesterday. Don’t know how many of you paint, but I love the attention to detail that painting requires; not to mention having to pick out the exact brush that will get the job done right. A commenter yesterday guessed one part of the first board by just seeing […]

Blank Canvas


294 // August 19, 2008 Mentioned yesterday that I’d be starting an exciting project tonight; well, here is my blank canvas. Tools that are necessary for the preliminary sketching of the scene on the one board. More to come 🙂