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Golden Snow


613 // November 16, 2009 Snow fell this past weekend in Denver – some of the aftermath.

Happy Halloween


602 // November 01, 2009 Hope everybody had a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

599 // October 27, 2009 Great Pumpkin Patch, experience described a couple days ago.

598 // October 26, 2009 Cute litltle pumpkin-wumpkins… …and some that are a little bit different. Anyone know how or why they might grow like this?



597 // Octoer 25, 2009 I hope you don’t mind – I took a couple days off from the blog because I’ve been quite busy with our house. Today me, my two sisters and niece went in search of some great pumpkins to carve. After a visit to the pumpkin corner off Wadsworth and almost […]

594 // October 20, 2009 Down in the city, off of Colfax Ave and (close to) Broadway.

586 // October 10, 2009 Some photographs of the striking aspen trees on a walk today up in the mountains. Fall is pretty much over and I was glad to capture some of these gorgeous colors.

356 // October 30, 2008 Pumpkins in Boulder on film.

355 // October 29, 2008 Objects picked up by my sister – corn… ….and corn husk.

342 // October 13, 2008 Why, hello! Hope you had a great weekend. I sort of… took the weekend off. I wasn’t lazy, as I did do both work on the computer and around the house; however I did give myself the weekend off from Cocktail Hour. But I missed you! I’ve gotten so many […]

Box of Crayons


341 // October 09, 2008 Hope you don’t mind me showing off some more photos from the Kenosha Pass series. It’s fall, the colors are beautiful here in Colorado, so why not show them off? This photo was actually taken by my digital camera, but has been post-processed in Photoshop with some Auto-levels to bring […]

339 // October 07, 2008 Took Cubbie on a walk and the way the light hit this leaf…well, I just couldn’t leave it undocumented. You can understand, right? The best time to take photographs in the fall is going to be in the very late afternoon (3pm to 6pm) or early in the morn (8am […]

338 // October 06, 2008 The last part of my fall series from Kenosha Pass. Hope you caught one and two, I can’t decide which day is my favorite yet between all three. Perhaps this whole series is my favorite on Cocktail Hour. After yesterday‘s post about film coming out so much better than anything […]

337 // October 05, 2008 Continued photographs from yesterday’s post. I’m posting four today instead of my max of three, hope you enjoy. Walking around… sometimes the marks on trees reminds me of looking at the clouds that form shapes and pictures. This one reminds me of a dog’s head, can’t decipher the rest. What […]