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619 // November 23, 2009 Estes Park, Colorado. Advertisements

Happy Halloween


602 // November 01, 2009 Hope everybody had a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

598 // October 26, 2009 Cute litltle pumpkin-wumpkins… …and some that are a little bit different. Anyone know how or why they might grow like this?

595 // October 21, 2009 Outside the Estes Park Brewery in where else, but Estes Park!

Chicago Mikes


518 // May 18. 2009 Chicago Mike’s – supposedly THE one and only place to get a real Chicago hot dog in the Denver area. We still have yet to have a taste-test, but I came by it on the recent photo shoot down Colfax.

Bottoms Up


492 // April 17, 2009 Flipped chairs at downtown bar Fado.



455 // March 4, 2009 My brother- and sister-in-law took all of us to Mercury Cafe in Denver for dinner tonight. It’s a restaurant that strives to be as organic and as local (food) as they can. Mercury Cafe also boasts that they are powered by wind and sun – the atmosphere is 100% boho […]

431 // February 01, 2009 Who were you rooting for? We got together with our friends tonight – our host graciously made this pseudo-football field out of dips, chips, Twinkies and cheese/meaty substance for the football players. He claimed it took him an hour, but I saw a replica at CostCo (just kidding, the dip […]



394 // December 17, 2008 It was way too cold to be drinking club soda on a day like today – I feel as though it’s one of those exclusive summer drinks. However, I had some in the fridge so I cracked a bottle sometime in the afternoon after a hot cocoa. Almost immediately the […]

Red Chair


298 // August 24, 2008 Hi. I should’ve let you know that I wasn’t going to be posting yesterday. We had the 2nd Annual Beer Olympics on Saturday and it was bigger, better and louder than last year’s. This is a shot after a Beer Pong Tournament with a Germany team member in the background […]

Closer Look


174 // April 11, 2008 Teapot on the stove holding reflections of it’s surroundings…

161 // March 29, 2008 Keystone’s “Blues and BBQ Festival” was today — among the live music, great people watching and the aroma of BBQ filling the air, BREWS was not far nor forgotten from the equation. Overpriced food didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the warm sun and the live music on stage. There was […]



150 // March 17, 2008 Realizing that most people read this blog the morning after I write it, I say nuts to that and Happy St. Patrick’s Day anyway. We celebrated here with some yummy potato and cheese soup, car bombs and black-and-tans with Dave’s brother and wife. Wait, how does that make me sober […]

Chicago Style


127 // February 23, 2008 Less than 24 hours in Chicago and already I have had Lou Malnati’s pizza and Portillo’s hot dog and cheese fries. True Chicago-style pizza, and Chicago-style dogs and Italian Beefs. Two restaurants that are an absolute must whether you are visiting or just passing through. If you grew up here, […]